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Card Table Extenders

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Card Table Extenders are made to enlarge a card table or other small shaped table. Card Table Extenders only come in two standard sizes: 48ʺ round and 54ʺ round. (If you need a larger or smaller size or any other shaped extender, learn how we can extend your table.)


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The 48ʺ Round Table Extender seats seven for card games and only five for dinner, because you’ll need more room for elbows and place settings. The 54ʺ Round Extender seats eight for card games and only six for dinner.

  • Photo: round table extender for card tableChoose from up to seven solid vinyl colors that look like leather. All vinyls are extremely durable, woven backed and upholstery grade.
  • For the back of our Card Table Extender we selected a strong woven backed fabric, soft and safe to lie against any finish.
  • Our Card Table Extender is a full 5/8ʺ thick: made extremely sturdy, allowing the pad to extend off the flat surface.
  • Card Table Extenders fold like a book for convenient storage.
  • Wipes clean with a damp cloth.
  • Protects what it lies against up to 600° from an accidental heat source.